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4F Theater Cafe combines offline and online sales platforms, and cooperates with internationally renowned brand products to promote fine coffee, including hand-made coffee, health tea, exquisite desserts and daily limited light meals. Space Operations also provides space planning services for arts and cultural performances, lectures for corporate groups, promotion of public welfare activities, and a platform for bringing up cutting-edge cultural and creative artists and commodities.


Memory Shop

  • 4F劇場咖啡

Memory Shop: A space that gathers different elements to evoke your warm memories in the past and create every current memory together, every memory selection and every participation and experience will become your eternal heart. Memories.


Monuments market

  • 記憶小舖

Every month, the Zhongshan Hall historic site small market invites fans and players of public welfare, cultural and creative arts to gather together and make good use of the classical and elegant architectural space.



  • 記憶小舖

The tea culture comes from Lu Yu's "Tea Book" in the Tang Dynasty to Kyoto's orthodox matcha, a cultural salon that spans history and space.


WOWOW art exhibition

  • 記憶小舖

The painting competition "WOWOW" organized by the LOVETREE Social Welfare Foundation of Taipei City is a grand competition for all people with disabilities all ovr the world. Through art works, the public can recognize the diversity of people with disabilities. Imagination and creativity.

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